Novice Blue (6-Year-Old) Team Information

The Novice Blue Team is broken out into three separate teams. One for 5-year-olds, one for 6-year-olds, and one for kids ages 3 - 4. This is due to the large difference in focus, attention span, and emotional maturity between these age groups. Kids at these ages and levels are just being introduced to the sport of wrestling and physical contact.

The Novice Blue (6-Year-Old) team is our most advanced level of Blue Team kids. Kids at this level start to show the ability to focus, pay attention, control their emotions, and execute proper technique.

This is the level where we continue to introduce kids to more aggressive physical contact, tumbling, body awareness, balance, toe pressure, using their head and hands as the first line of defense, wrestling games, and the basic rules of the sport.

Participants on this team are discouraged from tournament competition unless they have wrestled in pervious seasons. Like all our Blue teams, we will focus on having fun and working toward graduating to the Novice Red Team.

All CWC Novice Blue (6-Year-Old) Team members will practice at The Prayer Farm (Barn) on M/W from 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm.