Frequently Asked Questions

What Does My Wrestler Need for Practice? Expand

Practice attire should be a t-shirt, shorts, socks, and wrestling shoes. Please have your wrestler bring a water bottle as well. We do not allow kids to leave the room to get a drink of water.

Does My Wrestler Need Wrestling Shoes? Expand

Yes!! Wrestling Shoes are a mandatory requirement for all participants.

Does My Wrestler Need Headgear? Expand

No. Headgear is not required. Headgear may be required to compete in some of the higher level tournaments such as RMN, WOW, and USAW National Events.

Does My wrestler Need a USA Wrestling Membership? Expand

All club members and participants MUST have a USAW athlete membership before participating in any Chaparral Wrestling Club activity. This includes but is not limited to practices, scrimmages, dual meets, tournaments, camp attendance, and off-season workouts. In addition to being a mandatory club requirement, a USAW athlete membership is required by Peak2Peak to participate in their events and tournaments.

What Time Should My Wrestler Arrive for Practice? Expand

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of practice. Wrestling is a sport of discipline. We expect the discipline to start by arriving to practice on time and being ready to go at the start of practice.

What Team Will My Wrestler Be Placed On? Expand

After reading the team descriptions for each team, you may see a lot of overlap in age and experience level between teams, which is intentional. Some kids may wrestle for 2-3 years before they are mentally and physically ready to advance teams and begin competing. Others are ready after only a couple of months in the room. Kids mature and develop at different rates, and to get the most out of each kid, and we must remain flexible and adjust to each wrestler.

**The decision on which team your wrestler is most qualified for and belongs on is determined by the CWC coaching staff.**

The input of the parent and the wrestler will be considered, but the ultimate decision on which team is best for your wrestler’s development is made by the coaching staff. Wrestlers will advance teams and “test out” throughout the season based on how they progress. Many variables and factors will be considered in determining which team each wrestler belongs on and whether they have mastered the skills necessary to advance teams. The criteria and skills that we evaluate each wrestler on includes, but is not limited to:

  • has the wrestler mastered the fundamental skills, techniques, and movements required to advance to the next level
  • understanding of the rules of the sport
    ability to pay attention and focus at practice
  • attitude on and off the mat
  • consistent attendance at practice
  • attention span
  • coachability
  • ability to be a good practice partner
  • emotional maturity level
  • ability to handle winning and losing
  • do they demonstrate respect at all times to coaches, parents, competitors, and officials
  • ability to push themselves mentally and physically
  • availability of practice partners close to the same age and skill level

You will notice that the win/loss record is not considered in determining what team your child belongs to. At a young age, aggression and athleticism can lead a child to success during competition. But as kids mature, their ability to have prolonged success is based on their ability to use proper technique, control their emotions, have good mat awareness, and develop muscle memory to react without thought. Our club focus is on having fun, instilling a passion for the sport of wrestling in young athletes, and developing your wrestler to be successful in high school and beyond. We have little concern for wins and losses at a young age, and our decision on which team to place your child in will have nothing to do with a win/loss record.

Why Can’t My Wrestler Wear Their Wrestling Shoes Outside the Wrestling Room? Expand

Coaches are very strict about kids not wearing their wrestling shoes outside of the wrestling room. Anything that that a wrestler steps on while wearing their wrestling shoes will end up on the mat. Whatever is on the mat will end up on your child’s skin, face, and in their mouth. To prevent the spread of common skin and communicable diseases like ringworm and impetigo, we ask that you please ensure that your wrestler put their shoes and take them off only in the wrestling room.

Do I Need to Purchase Competition Gear for My Wrestler? Expand

Competition gear is not required, but it is strongly encouraged. If your wrestler plans on competing at tournaments they should have a team singlet or the fight short / shirt combo set. Warm-ups are not required, but again, we do encourage all our kids to wear CWC gear and look the part, if possible.

Competition Gear

This season Chaparral Wrestling Club is using Rudis for all competition gear. Wrestlers can purchase competition gear directly from Rudis via our Team Store.

The Chaparral Wrestling Club Team Store is open from August 30 – September 10. Then again, from November 1 – November 15. These are the only two windows in which competition gear can be purchased this season.

Orders will not go into production until the team store officially closes. Once the team store has closed – orders will deliver within 4-6 weeks of the team store’s official close date.

All items will be individually packed and shipped to the address entered. There are minimums on each item. Please note that if the minimums are not met there is a chance you could be refunded for that item.

We strongly encourage all club members and parents to order gear if there is any chance your wrestler may want to compete this season.

Do You Have Restrooms Available for Use at Practice? Expand

Yes, of course we do! Please make sure your child/wrestler uses the restroom before practice starts. It is very distracting and disruptive to have kids taking bathroom breaks in the middle of practice.

Can Parents Watch Practice? Expand

Yes, parents can watch practice. The only caveat to this are for practices at The Barn. The Barn does not have parking or interior space for spectators. Because of this we only allow parents for the Novice Blue teams to stay and watch practices at The Barn. All other practices at The Barn are closed to spectators.

Can I Help Coach? Expand

CWC is built on volunteer coaches and Dad’s with wrestling experience getting involved. With close to 150 club members we need more coaches to continue to develop the kids and hep coach at practice and tournaments.

In order to coach at CWC, you must be USAW Wrestling Leader certified. The certification process is done through USA Wrestling. The process to become Wrestling Leader certified is outlined below:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a Profile and ensure you affiliate yourself with Chaparral Wrestling Club in Colorado (There is a Chaparral Wrestling Club in Kansas so be careful that you choose the correct one)
  3. Go to Purchase/Renew Memberships
  4. Choose the Wrestling Leader Membership
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the mandatory background check and take the mandatory Safe Sport Training Modules
  6. Upon passing the background check and passing all the Safe Sport Modules, you will be allowed to purchase your Wrestling Leader Membership.

Once you have your USAW Wrestling Leader membership, reach out to Coach Becker or another CWC coach to talk about how you can help and get involved with the kids!

P2P Tournament Registration Expand

CWC is a member of the Peak2Peak Wrestling League. All P2P Tournaments are held on Saturdays. P2P breaks each tournament up into and afternoon and a morning session:

First session (9:00am-11:30am): 4 years and younger (4u), 7 and 8 year olds (8u), 11 and 12 year olds (12u)

Girls Division (11am-Noon): Girls that wrestle in the coed division wrestle for free in the Girls Division. Cost for Girls only in the girls division is $25

Second session (12:00pm-2:30pm): 5 and 6 year olds (6u), 9 and 10 year olds (10u), and 13 to 15 year olds (14u)

  • Your wrestler’s age group is determined by their age as of Sept 1st of 2021 for the entire season.
  • Wrestlers will be divided by age, weight, and ability. No Seeding. All scratch weights.
  • Double Bracketing is allowed across age divisions only. Separate entry fee for each bracket entered in.
  • Entry Fee is $25