USA Wrestling Membership Information


All club members and participants MUST have a USAW athlete membership before participating in any Chaparral Wrestling Club activity. This includes but is not limited to practices, scrimmages, dual meets, tournaments, camp attendance, and off-season workouts. In addition to being a mandatory club requirement, a USAW athlete membership is required by Peak2Peak to participate in their events and tournaments.

Chaparral Wrestling Club does not purchase USAW memberships for club members. It is the responsibility of the parent/athlete to purchase and renew their USAW membership each year. USAW memberships are valid from September 1 through August 31 of the following year.

To obtain a new USAW athlete membership, you need to create an account and claim your child's profile by going here:

If you have wrestled before, your child already has a USAW membership number, and their membership needs to be renewed. Do not create another profile or membership number, as this will only cause problems and confusion down the road.

If you are only participating in the Folkstyle Season, a limited folkstyle membership is all that we require. The cost of a limited membership is $20.00.

If you participate in national tournaments, Freestyle and/or Greco-Roman, or any wrestling activity outside of the folkstyle season, you MUST purchase a full athlete membership. The cost of a full athlete membership is $50.00.

You will be required to upload a copy of your athlete's USAW card at the time of registration, so please download a copy of their membership card from the USAW membership portal after you have renewed/purchased their athlete membership for the season.



All CWC coaches are required to be USAW Wrestling Leader Certified each season. To become USAW certified, a coach must do the following:

  • Pass USA Wrestling's Criminal Background Check
  • Attend the Online Modules and pass the USAW SafeSport Program
  • Purchase the USA Wrestling Leader membership
  • Enroll in and complete the NFHS Concussion in Sports Online Course

All USAW sanctioned events require coaches to have a valid USAW Wrestling Leader Membership to coach in the corner. This includes all local P2P Tournaments and National USAW Tournaments. If you are interested in helping coach at CWC, your first step is to become USAW Wrestling Leader Certified. Once you have passed the background check, completed the required online SafeSport modules, and taken the concussion course, please reach out to Coach Becker to discuss your interest, background, and availability to join the coaching staff.