Corporate Matching Programs

Many larger corporations have a charitable giving program where they will match charitable contributions dollar for dollar up to a maximum amount each year. In addition to matching financial donations, many employers will make a charitable donation back to a non-profit of your choosing, based on the number of volunteer hours you contribute to that non-profit.

We ask that you check with your employer to see if they have a similar program in effect. Again this is a simple and very effective way to help generate revenue for Chaparral Wrestling Club. Several of our parents take advantage of these programs with their employers each year. The process is usually very simple and straightforward. Oftentimes, to get CWC on your companies list of approved non-profits, there is an application process that we have to go through. If your employer has a charitable matching or volunteer matching program, please look into what it will take to get CWC listed an approved and eligible non-profit for these programs.

This is another very effective way for the club to generate revenue and support our mission. Our EIN is 83-1378576 and we are registered as a non-profit under Chaparral Wrestling Club.