Mission Statement & Bylaws


To provide local youth (ages 4-18) opportunities for physical, mental, emotional, and social development while increasing athletic knowledge and enhancing competitive spirit through the sport of wrestling.


Wrestling is a unique sport because it teaches values that last a lifetime. Wrestling builds character, teaches kids how to overcome obstacles and failure, handle their emotions, respect authority, give maximum effort, be disciplined, be resilient, take accountability, and learn how to become a good teammate. That success is only earned through hard work and determination. Wrestling is not easy; it is a sport of highs and lows requiring a work ethic, unlike any other sport. The key to success is having the support of teammates and friends who understand the daily challenges and struggles that wrestlers go through. Wrestling is more than a sport; wrestling is family. Chaparral Wrestling Club is dedicated to fostering these values in our youth and providing a family atmosphere where kids can thrive.

Wrestling also helps boys and girls and young men and women develop off the mat, notably in social situations. We believe Chaparral Wrestling Club can build a foundation of values through the sport of wrestling that young athletes can take and use throughout their life. Chaparral Wrestling Club will promote the sport of wrestling in the community of Parker, Colorado. Chaparral Wrestling Club will financially assist the wrestling programs associated with Chaparral High School in Parker, Colorado.

Chaparral Wrestling Club will develop and maintain lines of communication between parents, coaches, school administration, and the public concerning the wrestling programs associated with Chaparral Wrestling Club.


To print or view a copy of the Chaparral Wrestling Club Bylaws, click here.